In 1970 with the scarcity of imported shock absorbers, Mr. Sharbath Khan, an entrepreneur from Mattakkuliya, Colombo envisioned to manufacture shock absorbers locally. In spite of barriers in getting raw materials he established network of suppliers from various parts of world to set up the first ever shock Absorber refurbishment factory in Sri Lanka.   His passion for reverse engineering and commitment for quality helped him to explore possibilities beyond expectations. Starting with five staff Mr. Sharbath Khan expanded the capacity of the factory – Mareena Auto Industries to provide shock absorbers to any makes and models within couple years. 

A major milestone in his achievement was the refurbishment of the locomotive shock absorbers in 1980. In 1985 he was able to help the defence ministry by refurbishing shock absorbers for armed cars. He gained popularity among the leaders of the country including former President J.R. Jayawardhene and Hon. Lalith Athulath Mudali for his pledge to develop a local alternative. Mareena Auto Industries, later became the supplier of shock absorbers to the local agents of major vehicle brands and agents including Dimo, Fruend Burg (Former agent for Toyota), Carmart (Agent for Nissan), Wylliies Jeep and Associated Motorways (Agent for Mitsubishi).          
In the last five decades Mareerna Auto Industries (Pvt) Ltd. was able to improve its processes to meet international standards in manufacturing and refurbishment of any type of shock absorbers for all makes and models. While maintaining quality, Mareena Shock Absorbers are sold at prices almost 50% less than the imported brands. This not only contributes to the economy but also reduces burden to the environment by recycling. Mareena Shock Absorbers is the pioneer and market leader for manufacturing and refurbishment of shock absorbers in Sri Lanka.